Here are a couple of local car ads done for our former Suzuki dealer. The upside of Suzuki not doing a lot of marketing in North America was that we had a lot more leeway for doing fun stuff than your more involved brands. The downside was that I couldn't single-handedly save the business and they stopped shipping cars over here...which is a shame because they were solid vehicles.
The ad below was done for a movie-themed flyer, with a retro Japanese monster movie pastiche. It was well received locally and we had hopes of expanding it into a full campaign, but it wasn't in the cards.
This ad was designed for an in-dealer promo where customers could back-to-back test drive a Chevy Cruze and the Suzuki Kizashi. The concept got a little muddled as it was shoehorned into a rock concert themed flyer, but I think it was successful regardless. There was radio and roadside vehicle decalling to support it but unfortunately I don't have copies.
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