I'm still really happy with how this project turned out. It was a low budget, small run but with a little luck and some helpful printers it turned into an impressive piece that punches way above its weight. The cover has a blind emboss of the Wescan logo with gold and silver metallic on uncoated piano-black stock. F**k yeah.
This year represented a change in focus for this small mining exploration company. For a few years they had been focussing more on diamonds and coal than their namesake, but this year marked a return to gold at a new property. Using their exploratory maps as a base, I used the lines and coutours of the roads and bodies of water to represent veins of the precious metal, culminating in a small star centred in their corporate logo indicating the promising new test site. This imagery carried through the report and tied it together nicely.
This was a two-colour job, using black and metallic gold throughout except for a handful of pages up front that included colour-keyed location maps. I really like the effect of metallic inks on uncoated paper. You don't quite get glitter of a glossy stock, but it has a subtle richness that appeals to me. 
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